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Owlpure’s Warm Woody scented and Freshly Fragrant Steam Distilled 100 % Pure Citronella Essential Oil elevates your mood, & also acts as an effective pain reliever. The astringent properties help to...


Owlpure’s Warm Woody scented and Freshly Fragrant Steam Distilled 100 % Pure Citronella Essential Oil elevates your mood, & also acts as an effective pain reliever. The astringent properties help to treat oily skin very well & give a fresh feeling of non-greasy skin.

100% Pure & Organic essential oil suitable for all skin types.

Special Features

  • No added synthetic colorants, fillers, & fragrances.
  • No seed oils and nuts.
  • No additives and preservatives.
  • Isolated from oxidation.


Citronella Essential oil is obtained from citronella grass that can be categorized into two categories mainly: Ceylon Variety and Java Variety.

Ceylon Variety is scientifically called as Cymbopogon Nardus and Java variety is known as Cymbopogon Winterianus and Citronella Essential Oil is obtained from the distillation process of these fresh plants.

Citronella Essential Oil has various common components in both the varieties these are citronellol, citronellal, geraniol, limonene, and methyl, amongst which citronellal and geraniol are in higher concentrations.

That is the reason Citronella essential Oil obtained from Java Variety is considered to be of high quality.


Citronella Essential Oil is yellow to brown in color and has a grassy/floral scent.

There are enormous medicinal benefits to Citronella Essential Oil including its use as a flavoring agent in food and beverages.



  • Healthy & Conscious Body:


Prevents Bacterial Growth & Infections: Bacterial Infections are caused due to the attack of bacteria and can cause serious damage to the body and infections such as stomach infections, urinary and kidney infections.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil consists of methyl isoeugenol along with other effective things that stop the growth of these infection-causing bacteria. They not only kill these bacteria but also inhibit their growth.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil is especially helpful in curing spread of bacteria in wounds, colon, urethra, kidney and urinary infections.

How to Use:

  • Citronella Essential Oil can be applied on the skin after diluting it with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil.
  • It is safe to take Citronella Essential Oil in small dosage with beverages such as herbal tea.


 Alleviate Muscle Spasms: Muscle spasms can occur due to several reasons such as fatigue, dehydration or electrolyte abnormality. Spasms cause muscles to contract and acute pain in the muscle or group of muscles.

It can be cured by gently giving heat therapy on the affected area with hot water tube or any natural oil which has healing tendency.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil is well known for providing relief to spasms due to its anti-oxidant properties and especially the spasm caused in the respiratory system, nervous system, and muscular system. It also helps get relief from menstrual cramps as well as a cough and other body cramps.

How to Use:

  • Add two-three drops of carrier oil such as coconut to few drops of citronella essential oil.
  • Apply that mixture gently to the affected area and massage gently.


Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Inflammation is the body’s response to injuries, it basically works to heal wounds but it can also cause serious diseases.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil is anti-oxidant in nature and fights free radicals that cause inflammation in the body, the major component geraniol present in citronella essential oil has the capabilities to fight diseases and cellular damages.

How to Use:

  • Blend two-three drops of coconut oil with few drops of citronella essential oil.
  • Massage the mixture gently on your body.


Takes Down Bad Odor: Deodorant’s mostly consist of parabens which can cause harmful side effects to the body as they mimic the hormone estrogen present in our body. They can result in breast cancer.

Organic substances can be used as a replacement for deodorants which causes such intense harm to the body.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has a wonderful scent of lemon or lemongrass and can get rid of the bad odor, also citronella essential oil’s anti-bacterial properties help to kill bacteria’s causing bad odor.

How to Use:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of arrowroot powder in a small bowl.
  • Now add 4 drops of lemon essential oil, citronella essential oil and coconut oil to that bowl.
  • Mix all the ingredients in the bowl.
  • Fill an empty container with this mixture and refrigerate it for 30 minutes.
  • It is ready for use now, apply in light strokes.


                       Acts as Body Toner: Natural oils tone your body in a healthy way, they consist of several vitamins and minerals which helps to maintain and build up proper functioning of the body.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has an overall toning effect on the body. It works on your core and tones up your digestion, excretion, nervous system and brain.

                           Fights Depression: Depression can be caused due to many reasons, including biology of the body and emotional and environmental conditions. Although there are certainly specified medicines available for the treatment of depression, natural products could do wonders without causing any side-effects to the body.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has a citrusy scent that can be both relaxing and uplifting. It fights depression and gives relief from anxiety as well. Citronella Essential Oil has the quality to induce fresh, happy feeling and reduces trouble in sleeping.

How to Use:

  • Use a few drops of Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil and sniff it to inhale.


                        Eradicate Toxins: Excessive quantity of anything in a body can be very harmful and dangerous. Sometimes we do not realize the presence of extra materials in our body, it could be anything such as fat, salt or excessive water.

It is very important for the body to get rid of these unwanted particles in the body, for a healthy and disease-free life.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil is rich in diaphoretic properties that increase sweating and allows harmful and unwanted toxins such as fat, salt overdose or water to pass out from the body. Citronella Essential Oil makes the body feel lighter and healthier and also protects from infections.


                    Treats Fever: Fever can be caused by many factors such as infections, flu, overexposure of skin to sunlight, dehydration et cetera. There are various medications available in the market, which can give relief in a very short time but they do have some side effects.

Whereas Natural treatment does not have any side effect on the body and cures the root cause of it.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has multiple properties which help reduce fever. Its diaphoretic properties help release harmful and unwanted toxins from the body, anti-inflammatory properties reduce any inflammation in the body and anti-microbial property kills bacteria and microbes that are the root cause of a fever.


Stimulates Urination: Our body has many toxins and unwanted substances, that adversely affect us. These are required to be disposed out from the body, but naturally without the involvement of any medications and chemicals.

Nature can do wonders and has the solution to every problem. There are some organic materials which can help the body in the best ways and improve functioning as well.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil increases the quantity and frequency of urination as it is diuretic in nature and helps get rid of excess water and toxins such as uric acid, excess bile, salt and fat present in the body.

Citronella Essential Oil also helps reduce weight, removes the infection in the urinary systems, removes toxins from the body and reduces the chances of arthritis as well as improves digestion and keeps heart healthy.


                  Cures Fungal Infections: Fungal Infections can be dangerous and occurs mostly in a warm and moist climate. The fungus grows faster in warm and moist regions of the body such as the inner thighs, genitals, and buttocks, and results in infections that can be quite dangerous.

Citronella oil has anti-microbial properties that can help get rid of fungal infections and stop it from growing further.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has properties that kill fungus and is very helpful in curing infection the ear, nose, and throat region. Fungal infections in the ear can be very dangerous thus citronella essential oil helps prevent fungal infections in the ear and other parts of the body as well.

How to Use:

  • Take 2-3 drops of Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil and mix it with 20 drops of carrier oil.
  • You can choose any carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil.
  • After application of the mixture on the affected area, you can cover it up with a clean cotton ball or pad.
  • Apply for 2-3 times every day continuing it for several weeks to see best results.

                  Prevents Stomach Disorders: Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has properties which that are used to clear stomach from infections and other issues and helps in maintaining its regular functions.

                 Acts as Stimulant: Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has many benefits which act externally as well as internally. It has stimulating effects and stimulates blood circulation, secretion, and discharge of hormones and enzymes from essential glands and brain.

Citronella Essential Oil also increases the activity of the nervous system and stimulates the working of the immune system and the metabolism of the body.


                 Minimizes Pains in Body: Body pains can be caused due to several factors and can result in severe pain sometimes. Natural healing substances such as oils can be very helpful for treating wear and tear of body muscles which cause pain.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation that causes pain. Citronella Essential Oil has properties that help release toxins from the body which might sometimes result in pain.

How to Use:

  • Add 2-3 drops of Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil to a few drops of carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil.
  • Apply the mixture on the swollen muscles and areas of pain in the body.

                Terminates Intestinal Worms: Parasites affect the normal working of the human body and its growth. Intestinal worms are one such parasite that is very harmful to the human body.

These worms not only affect your physical health but also disrupt the mental growth and also hamper the nutrient consumption by the body.

Owlpure Citronella Essential oil has anti-parasitic properties and capabilities to eliminate these intestinal worms. It is effective on both roundworms as well as tapeworms. It helps boost your quality of life by eliminating these worms out of your body.

How to Use:

  • Massage 2-3 drops of Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil mixed with a carrier oil such as jojoba, grapeseed, almond oil which blend easily with one another.
  • Repeat this process until the symptoms of these worms disappear.
  • Beautiful and Flawless Skin:


                          Fights Acne: Dirt and pollution cause severe harm to the skin and when the skin pores are clogged it results in breakouts which are termed Acne.

The market is flourished with many skin care products which can help get rid of these skin problems and issues naturally without causing any side effects to the skin.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has antiseptic properties which can help get rid of bacteria causing acne. It also deeply cleanses skin to make it more flawless and freer of breakouts.

How to Use:

  • Dilute Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil in water after a bath and use it as a facial tonic.
  • Repeat this process for some weeks to get great results.
  • Naturally Beautiful Hair:


              Works as Shampoo & Conditioner: Pollution these days is causing great effects to hair especially because the air is also polluted and water is also not clean, which results in drastic hair-fall and dry and dull hair.

Citronella Essential Oil cleanses extra oil present in the scalp and conditions frizzy hair. It helps get rid of greasiness present in hair.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has beneficiary properties that add volume to hair and conditions the frizzy hair which cause knots and hair damage.

How to Use:

  • Add a few drops of Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil to your shampoo or conditioner.
  • Or you can make your own homemade remedy by adding coconut oil along with it.
  • Other Important Benefits:


Insect Repellent: There are various parasites that live off our skin and are very harmful also, they are called ectoparasites, such as ticks, flea, mites, and lice. They not only affect humans but also animals.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil is an anti-parasitic and works really well protect against insects and parasites. It can be used to get rid of mosquitos, Lice, tics, and fleas in pets.

How to Use:

As Mosquito Repellent: 

You can wear it as an amulet, soak the colorful pads in Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil and insert the pads into an amulet to keep mosquitos away.

You can also use a few drops of Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil in a diffuser while going to bed, it will give you relief from mosquitos.

You can also add equal drops of citronella and lemongrass in a water spray bottle and shake it, now you can spray that in a room to keep mosquitos and other insects away.

To Get rid of Lice:

Mix a drop of Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil and shampoo in your palm, apply that mixture to your hair to get rid of lice and get bouncy hair.

For Pets to clean ticks and fleas:

Take a glass spray bottle, add water to it and diffuse 10 drops of Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil. Spray the mixture on your pets to get rid of ticks and fleas.


Acts as Room Freshener: Room fresheners that are available in the market do not last long and also are very less effective. They might also have some side effects on some people.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has a fresh scent that is long lasting and can keep away dirt, mosquito, and other insects. They last long as a room freshener and create a pleasant vibe in the room.

How to Use:

  • Add 10 drops of citronella essential oil in a glass spray bottle.
  • Spray it in carpet or other furniture’s.
  • Or soak a cotton ball in citronella essential oil and spread some in linen or cotton for a fresh and calming scent.


Used as Deodorant: Deodorants are very part of our daily routine these days and are usually good, but sometimes it may cause harm to skin when applied directly to the skin.

Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil has many benefits and because of its anti-bacterial properties, it is also used as a deodorant. It kills bad odor-causing bacteria and thus is an excellent deodorant.

Citronella Essential Oil can be used as an ingredient in soaps, candles, and perfumes as it gives a fresh citrus scent and is gentle on skin.

How to Use:

  • Mix few drops of Owlpure Citronella Essential Oil with few drops of Coconut Oil or any other carrier oil.
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and you can use it as a deodorant.



  • Citronella Essential Oil should not be applied on the skin in its purest form, it should be diluted with a carrier oil.
  • Avoid using Citronella Essential Oil near your eyes, and it is for topical use only.
  • Citronella Essential Oil is safe when consumed in small amounts in food, but when consumed in large amount can be dangerous.
  • It is unsafe to give citronella essential oil to children by mouth.
  • Citronella oil can be used as an insect repellent and can be applied on skin, although some people might get allergies.
  • Inhaling Citronella Essential Oil can cause lung damages and should be avoided.
  • Avoid Using Citronella Essential Oil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, because of lack of proper evidence.



Owlpure Citronella Essential oil is extracted from the natural substance and comes into use for various activities in daily life. Since it is an essential oil while using this beneficiary product. Always make use of carrier oil, whichever suits your skin type. Citronella essential oil has many benefits for skin, hair, health and is also used for many other purposes like insect repellent, deodorant, room freshener, mosquito repellent et cetera. Owlpure manufactures 100% natural essential oils and makes sure use of our essential oil benefits you and your family.

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