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Add youthful touch by pampering your skin with Owlpure 100% natural Moisturizing Body Lotion that offers wholesome nourishment to the skin. The ultra-hydrating agent in this organic body lotion rich in A1 grade Shea Butter, natural Glycerin, E-Wax, Aqua, & coconut oil treats dry and itchy skin.

Say Good Bye to Harsh & Toxic Chemicals

  • Free from harsh chemicals like Parabens & dyes
  • Propylene Glycol & synthetic Fragrance-free
  • Non-GMO product
  • No Polysorbate-Used as a surfactant which can cause skin irritations

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OwlPure Moisturizing Body Lotion comprises ultra-hydrating ingredients i.e. raw coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, and mango butter. It is an effective organic body lotion that pulls moisture into the skin.

Moisturizing Body Lotion also includes Natural Essential Oils made up of orange, citrus, and grapefruit. This gives the lotion a subtle and addicting fragrance.

Moisturizing Body Lotion consists of Pure and Natural Shea Butter, E Wax, Coconut Oil, Aqua, and Glycerin.


Moisturizes Dry Skin: 

Most of the teenagers and young ladies are annoyed with the dry and itchy skin. Due to dehydration, the skin gets uneven and scaly. Natural Shea Butter, due to its fat content is known as an excellent moisturizing cream. You can apply it for face and throughout your body.

Shea Butter lets the skin catch the moisture content and keeps it hydrated for a longer duration of time. The fatty acids that are present are Natural Shea Butter nourishes the skin very effectively. People facing the problem with cracked heels, rough patches, and dry cuticles can use this Owl Pure Moisturizing Body lotion to get charming and supple skin.

Anti-Aging & Anti-Free Radical Agent:

The Vitamin A and Vitamin E present in Shea Butter maintains the skin supple, radiant and nourished. It is used as one of the best Anti-Aging lotions. When free radical destruction occurs, it damages cells, DNA, and tissues. This results in formation or wrinkles, skin dehydration, and the one may lose charming glow on their face.

When you apply Owl Pure Moisturizing Body Lotion regularly to your face, the Shea Butter Content present in it reduces wrinkles and facial lines. It also helps you prevent your skin from premature anti-aging effects.

Treats Acne and Blemishes:

Shea Butter is specially made up of oleic, stearic, palmitic, and linolenic fatty acids. Shea butter is more non-saponifiable in nature and is known for its healing properties.

Thus, it is considered as very effective in reducing acne problems and curing skin rashes, stretch marks, sunburns, insect bites and stings, skin peeling after tanning, and frost bites.


Restores the Flexibility of Skin:

Along with softening and hydration of the skin, the elasticity of the skin is more important. The non-saponifiable content and vitamin F present in Shea Butter maintains skin flexibility.

Shea butter improves collagen production in the skin and hence restoring elasticity.

Reduces Skin Inflammation:

Shea Butter equipped with several derivatives of cinnamic acid. It has a rich source of anti-inflammatory properties that reduce sunburn and rashes. In the severe conditions like eczema i.e occurrence of redness or swelling of the skin, you can apply the Moisturizing Body Lotion in the injured area.


Provides Relief to Itchy and Peeling Skin:

If you are suffering from itchy skin then choosing the right body lotion is very important. Dry skin starts to peel and the skin becomes flaky. The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing content present in Shea Butter helps the skin receive the required oils. This offers more relief in the itchy area and Shea Butter is considered to be more beneficial.

Get Attractive and Pinkish Lips:

Especially in the cold or winter season, the lips get dry and chapped. The fat content provides moisture and the essential nutrients that are easily absorbable.

When you apply the moisturizing lotion on your lips, it acts as a barrier providing moisture and helps in regaining shiny lips.

Reduces Stretch Marks:

The common problem of women during or after pregnancy is stretch marks. When your body gains weight and/ or reduces, the skin gets stretched and the stretch marks are formed. Normally, you can find Shea Butter in the creams and ointments that are made for the treatment of stretch marks.

As it is known for restoring skin elasticity, you can apply Moisturizing Body Lotion daily in the affected area and massage your skin gently.

Reduces Razor Irritation & Bumps:

Shea Butter has an amazing property of reducing skin irritation. Shaving unwanted hair with razors can sometimes lead to itchiness or skin irritation. After applying this on the itchy part of your body, it moisturizes the skin and gives you a soothing feeling.

To avoid skin irritation and bumps, you can apply the body lotion before removal of hair. This enables you to remove the unwanted hair easily and also avoids irritation problems.

Helps Soothe Skin and Baby Diaper Rash:

Natural Shea Butter is an excellent moisturizer and with no chemicals.

Hence, you can use this moisturizing cream for a soft and gentle massage on the skin to avoid diaper rashes. Moisturizing Body Lotion can also be applied after a bath to avoid diaper rashes and healing dermatitis.

E Wax

Emulsifying Wax (E Wax) is an ingredient used in cosmetic products.

The components of Emulsifying Wax are as follows: A polysorbate (polyoxyethylene of a fatty acid ester of sorbitan) and Cetearyl alcohol.

The natural emulsifying wax composed of SorbitanOlivate and CetearylOlivate which is considered as a low risk and certified to use in organic products.

E Wax which is found in Moisturizing Body Lotion emulsifies the water content and oil content for the formation of cream of lotion.

Characteristics: –

Emulsifying Wax is a white waxy solid. It has a low fatty alcohol odor.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is also called as Copra Oil. It is an edible oil that is extracted from the kernel of coconuts.

Copra oil is made is two methods: Dry Process Method and Wet Process Method.

Let’s Check the Various Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin

Acts as a Sunscreen:

The coconut oil present is Moisturizing Body Lotion acts as a mask on your skin. This enables you to protect your skin from harmful UV Rays.

Apply Owlpure Moisturizing Body Lotion on the hands, legs, and face whenever your head out. It helps you maintain a good tone of skin. Thus, avoiding your skin to suffer from burning sensation and also hydrates your skin very effectively.

Lip Balm:

Stop worrying about your chapped and dry lips. When you apply the Moisturizing Body Lotion on your lips, the ultra-hydrating coconut oil moisturizes your lips and restores healthy and pink lips.

Itch Relief:

You can have a soothing feeling after applying this moisturizing cream on burns, bruises, and bug bites. The coconut oil present in the moisturizing lotion reduces itchiness and restores the skin to the normal tone.

Stretch Mark Treatment:

The coconut oil acts as a topical treatment for scars and prevents your skin from stretch marks.

Moms those who are fed up of stretch marks can use this moisturizing lotion and apply daily in the affected area.


Insect Repellent:

Normally, people suffer from insect bites knowingly or unknowingly. This results in the formation of redness of your skin and makes it itchy.

Therefore, you need to apply the moisturizing cream infrequent intervals of time for curing the affected skin. Application of this helps you to avoid entering harsh chemicals and toxins into your skin or body.

Shaving Gel:

Application of moisturizing cream before and/ or after shaving your hair allows you to gain better results. It helps to prevent ingrown hairs and moisturizes your skin very effectively.

The coconut oil provides you with a smooth shave and also avoids you from razor burns. Apply the moisturizing cream onto your skin, shave your hair, and pat dry.

Nourishes Cracked Cuticles:

Everyone is suffering from a problem called cracked cuticles. The coconut oil rejuvenates your skin and allows you to ward off cracked skin. The Moisturizing Body Lotion also prevents from hand nails and helps in having healthy looking nail beds.


Aqua is the name used in the European Union and is also known as purified water or distilled water. It is the only ingredient that is free from pollutants, toxins, and microbes. So, aqua is mainly used in preparing personal care products or in the making of any cosmetics.


Benefits of Aqua

Lack of water or aqua in your body or skin cells can lead to dry and itchy skin.

When you apply moisturizing body lotion on your skin, it forms an oily layer onto your skin. This allows to trap water content into the skin cells and thus hydrating your skin.

Finally, due to its pure and distilled water content in the moisturizing body lotion, one can regain their normal skin density.


Another name for Glycerin is Glycerol. It is considered as a humectant as it holds moisture onto your skin and maintains your skin hydrated.

Glycerin consists of three hydroxyl groups that are meant for its hygroscopic and its water solubility nature.


Glycerin is odorless, colorless, viscous liquid that is non-toxic and sweet-tasting.

Benefits of Glycerin

Improves Skin Permeability:

Your skin loses its permeability due to dehydration i.e. low level of moisture content in your skin. Also, your skin tends to become ugly due to dry weather conditions.

Regular application of glycerin enables your skin absorption levels and hence improves skin permeability.

Anti-Aging Effect:

When the moisture content in the skin tends to decrease or because of low moisture content, it leads to skin peeling, simulates skin aging, and affects the protease activity in the skin.

Glycerin is mainly used in anti-aging products. Due to its moisturizing properties, the aging process slows down.

Provides Smoother Skin:

As Glycerin is a humectant, it keeps your skin hydrated and smooth. It draws moisture from an environment and gives you healthy smooth looking skin.

The glycerin ingredient in the moisturizing lotion rejuvenates your skin without making it greasy or oily.

Prevents Photoaging:

Heading out without any medication to your skin can lead to burning sensation, dryness, and also damages the DNA of skin cells. Glycerin is the most common ingredient used is moisturizing body lotion or sunscreen.

Glycerol nourishes your skin and prevents it from excessive damage. It also restores the damaged skin that is caused by UV Rays.

An Excellent Toner for Oily Skin:

Most of the people are fed up with oily skin. Though after the usage of various products, they end up with no better results.

Glycerol is mostly used as a toner for oily skin.

Due to its non-greasy and humectant nature, it maintains your skin hydrated and toned.

Improves Skin Elasticity:

In today’s lifestyle and yet busy schedule, one can’t avoid getting out facing the sun. And exposing your body or skin to UV rays leads to serious skin damage.

UV rays destroy the collagen levels in the skin and thus reducing skin elasticity.

When you apply the moisturizing cream that consists of glycerin improves the skin’s elasticity and allows your skin to look youthful.

Promotes Cell Maturation:

Glycerin revitalizes the skin by developing skin cell maturation. Your skin consists of numerous cells i.e. younger cells and mature cells. However, the top layer of your skin contains mature cells. These cells produce lipids to form a protective barrier on the skin.

When you apply the moisturizing lotion on your skin, the younger cells get mature and move to the surface layer i.e. top layer. When this particular process gets interrupted, your skin loses its glow and becomes dry. So, apply it regularly.


Glycerol is a plant-based substance and is very gentle on your skin. It is immensely used for treating rashes, skin irritation, and itchiness.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it repairs the skin barrier very effectively.

Controls Infections and Helps in Wound Healing:

Moisturizing Body Lotion with the presence of glycerin in it acts as an antimicrobial. Moisturizing cream with 85% of Glycerol is having antibacterial and antiviral properties. This results in fast wound healing.

When you apply moisturizing body lotion on wounds, glycerin helps in reducing inflammation.

How to Use Owlpure Moisturizing Body Lotion:

After choosing the right moisturizing body lotion, its correct application is the most important thing.

  • Firstly, wash your face and body with lukewarm water.
  • Pat your face and body with a soft and clean cloth or towel (don’t let your skin get too dry).
  • Take the appropriate amount of lotion on your fingers and apply it on your damp skin.
  • Extend application of moisturizing body lotion onto your neck and throughout your body.
  • Also, apply the moisturizing body lotion on your lips, hands, and cuticles.
  • Let the moisturizing content or body lotion sink into your skin.
  • Apply Owlpure Moisturizing Body Lotion regularly to gain better results.


  • If you have any allergies or if in case you face any allergic reactions, do consult your pharmacist.
  • For External Use Only.
  • Keep Owlpure Moisturizing Body Lotion away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep protected from the reach of Children.
  • Storing the moisturizing cream in low temperatures can lead to the separation of oil and water content. And, it cannot be restored into the normal state. So, avoid storing it in the fridge.
  • For better results, keep your moisturizing body lotion in a dark place and at room temperature.


Daily usage of Owlpure Moisturizing Body Lotion is more important to have graceful and charming skin. Each ingredient in the Owlpure Moisturizing Body Lotion has plenty of advantages and benefits.

It treats the damaged skin, sunburns, diaper rashes and moisturizes your skin very effectively. You can regain your normal and gentle skin as early as possible.

42 reviews for Natural Moisturizing Body Lotion

  1. Shruti V

    Loved the texture of this one. Amazing product at a great price. Totally worth buying.

  2. Bhagwati

    This doesn’t feel so heavy and always moisturizes your skin. I am loving this product.

  3. Achu

    Grt product from Owlpure… I think I am loving it’s all product.. Gradually I am shifting towards all the product of Owlpure… 😍😍

  4. Ramesh Ram

    I like the soft feel of the body lotion on my skin. really liked it.

  5. Akash Patel

    Amazing product.

  6. Shradha Jaiswal

    the good thing is it’s last for at least 24 hours in the skin. keeps the skin moisturized for longer duration.

  7. Vidhya Nayar

    I have extremely dry skin and this works very well for me in the summer months also.

  8. meenakshi

    Best organic lotion.

  9. Naxish Khan

    My skin is as dry as a dessert and this is a blessing for me. I have been using it for very long time. And I don’t feel like switching to any other product. This is the best.

  10. akhila

    Best moisturizer. …it is suitable for combination nd dry skin..👍

  11. Anamika Mishra

    After applying this body lotion my skin is very soft and I am loving it.

  12. Rashi Aries

    It is a very good product

  13. Rupali Thakur

    Makes you feel good after each use. A must buy product.

  14. Naveen Reddy

    It is a super absorbent and the moisture lasts well enough too.

  15. Priyanka Gupta

    It is an amazing moisturizer & useful for every season.

  16. swathi

    stays on skin for longer time and suits every skin.

  17. Neha Agarwal

    Its consistency is just wonderful, thick but not greasy.

  18. Venkata Naidu

    it is is very very suitable for our skin.

  19. veena

    It’s really really really good product I just love it soomuch. It’s made a silky skin.

  20. Avinash Varanasi

    Wonderful product..mine is a combination skin and its perfectly suiting my skin..not dry not greasy..just a soft smooth feel on the moisturize my skin very well without any greasy feel..thank you

  21. Nakshatra Krittika

    amazing smooth glowing skin..nourishes the skin…u can definitely see the difference after use

  22. Sandya Rajendran

    After trying so many products I finally decided to stick with this. Perfect for itchy skin issues.

  23. Sanju CH

    It is the RICH moisturizer.

  24. Harshini Gupta

    Really a nice product from Owlpure and love to use it.

  25. Aaradhya Mishra

    very good product for the skin for daily purpose specifications.

  26. Arpita Jain

    Owlpure body lotion is the best body lotion and best value for money.

  27. Kavita Verma

    outstanding product❤it😘😘😘

  28. Kameshwari

    Great product, nice fragrance, does the job, value for money

  29. Albert joseph

    Very very very obsessed with this one . Doesn’t make the skin heavy or patchy. Very good product observes quickly. Awesome smell

  30. Krishna

    Superb product for dry skin… I am going to repeat buy this

  31. Sunny Ganesan

    It moisturizes our skin quite well and eradicates skin dryness.

  32. Kavya Shukla

    Too good & nice product for dry as well as oily skin.

  33. Roopak Adepu

    wrt to genuinity of a product, this one is.

  34. Shiva

    this is the best herbal product

  35. lepakshi

    A very nice product..keeps the skin soft…

  36. Pravallika Reddy

    it not only moisturizes my skin but also softens it over time. Loved it.

  37. sridevi

    Good lotion for all types of skin.

  38. Anand Agarwal

    the quality of the product is really worth praising.

  39. Bhoomika Patel

    it is the best lotion I have ever used.

  40. nikitha

    Using from past 9 months. Suits me best among all products used since now. No oily or greasy effect even after having an oily skin. No side effects.

  41. Abhinaya

    Very good moisturizer

  42. Shalini Pande

    Very useful, non sticky moisturizer. lasts long and protect skin. Best part it does not catch dust or no spot of oil on the clothes. A nice organic combination.

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