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100% Pure, Chemical Free & Natural Exfoliant consists of Natural Ingredients like Natural Shea Butter, Apricot Powder, Mango Butter, Glycerine, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Luxury Botanicals, Brown Rice, Salt.

Say Good Bye to Harsh Chemicals like

Propylene Glycol (Binding Agent)

No SLS, Parabens & PEG’s

No Abrasive Plastic Beads & Mineral Oils

No Alcohol & Petroleum Based Oils which are Carcinogenic

Directions to Use:  Stir well before using it as it does not have harmful Propylene Glycol which binds Solids and Liquids.


Skin is the very delicate organ and we need to protect it. Due to exposure, the skin comes in contact with many harmful particles, microbes that may harm the skin. Our skin exists in a steady condition of development, with old cells dying as new cells are framing. It’s influenced by each part of our life, from what we eat to where we live. Sound skin is better ready to battle indications of maturing, heals quicker and fights off potential infection superior to unfortunate skin.

In this article, we are going to give an elaborate description of the Owlpure Face& Body Scrub. We will be describing the ingredients that it contains and how they help in maintaining the health of skin in all aspects. The ingredients of Owlpure Face and Body scrub are as follows-

  • 100% Pure and Natural Shea Butter
  • E Wax
  • Glycerine
  • Coconut Oil
  • Apricot Powder
  • Walnut Powder
  • Brown Rice
  • Salt


100% Pure and Natural Shea Butter

Shea Butter is an all-star natural moisturizer. Shea butter is a skin superfood that is extracted from the seeds of the product of the Shea tree and that is normally rich in vitamins A, E, and F. It is solid at room temperature and has buttery rich consistency.  Shea butter contains fatty acids like stearic acid (20-50%), palmitic acid (2-9%), oleic acid (40-60%), linoleic acid (3-11%), and arachidic acid (<1%).

Benefits of Shea Butter are –

  • Natural Lip Balm & Eye Cream – The buttery consistency makes it ideal to use as a natural lip balm, natural eye cream etc. Numerous studies demonstrate that it is particularly great at penetrating into the skin and contains 60% fat, making it very emollient.
  • Protects from Sunburns – Shea Butter contains UV-B absorbing triterpene esters, such as cinnamic acid and tocopherols that offers UV security and furnishes the skin with fundamental unsaturated fats and the supplements important for collagen generation. Collagen is the richest protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and ligaments. The substance holds the body together. Collagen frames a platform to give quality and structure.
  • Treats Skin Inflammation and Diaper Rash – One of the compounds called lupeol cinnamate helps in reducing the skin inflammation and helps in avoiding skin mutation.
  • Skin Moisturizing – Shea butter is rich in natural vitamins and fatty acids that make it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for the skin. It is often used for treating dry skin and to help ensure the skin’s natural oils.
  • Treats Acne and Smoothens Skin – Shea spread guides in the skin’s common collagen generation and contains oleic, stearic, palmitic, and linolenic acids that protect the skin from getting dry. With long haul utilize, numerous individuals, report skin softening and reinforcing and in addition wrinkle decrease.
  • Anti-Aging and Anti-Free Radical Agent – Shea butter is considered as a standout amongst the best anti-aging of the skin. The vitamins A and E found in shea butter keep the skin supple, sustained, and brilliant. Its anti-aging properties can likewise be credited to its capacity to expand circulation of the skin and advance cell renewal. The cinnamic corrosive esters in the shea fat keep harm from these mixes by giving your skin an oxidant boost.

Other uses of Shea Butter for Skin

  • Restores the elasticity of skin
  • Reduces razor irritation and bumps
  • Reduces stretch marks


Due to excellent skin properties of the glycerine, it has been used as one of the ingredients of Owlpure Face and Body Scrub. Glycerine is an odourless substance added in many cosmetic products. Glycerine plays the role of lubricant in body care products to ease the application of the product and as a humectant to minimize the loss of moisture from the skin. All type of Glycerine performs the same function, it can be derived from numerous sources.

  • Helps to improve Dry and flaky skin

Glycerine forms a barrier on the face and locks the moisture and also stops the toxins from entering inside the skin pores. This helps in keeping the skin moist and smooth.

  • Glycerine acts as a Skin Toner

Glycerine is an incredible facial toner, particularly for individuals who have dry skin. It likewise enhances the pH levels in your skin which, thus, decreases the presence of scars.

Coconut Oil

One of the ingredients of Owlpure Body and Face scrub is Coconut oil. This oil is loaded with the properties that are required by our skin to stay healthy and young. Let us get acquainted with some of the properties and benefits of the coconut oil. It is colorless at 30°C or above temperature and turns white when solidifies. Now, read out the following given uses of the coconut oil.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • Cleans your Face and soothe dry skin

Because coconut oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and moisturizing properties. It washes off the residue that got settled on our skin due to exposure.

  • Sunburn Relief

Coconut oil helps in soothing inflamed skin by reducing the redness and rehydrating the skin.

Apricot Powder

Apricot powder contains high fatty acids, Vitamin E, A, magnesium, calcium, sulphur and iron which can be utilized to saturate, support dry and develop the skin. The oil gets effectively assimilated into the skin without leaving any oily residue. Now let us just go through one by one benefits of apricot powder for our skin.

Uses of Apricot Powder

  • Elimination of blackheads, scars, and Blemishes

The old cells in the body get died and new ones are generated which is a common phenomenon. But this process leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells on our body. Apricot helps in exfoliation of dead cells and blackheads from the surface of the skin, unclogging of pores and brilliant looking skin.

  • Prevention from skin diseases & disorders

The mash of apricot not just adds shine to the skin yet additionally helps in treating various skin diseases like Eczema, tingling, and dryness among others

Walnut Powder

Walnut powder is also used in Owlpure Face and skin scrub. The reason behind adding this is that it helps in reducing scars caused due to pimples and keep the skin nourished.

 Benefits of Walnut Powder for Gorgeous Skin

  • Keep skin healthy and nourished

The fibre present in walnuts enhances blood circulation, improving your skin from inside. The good fat in walnuts keeps your skin solid and sparkling with youth. It holds moisture and stops toxins from entering.

  • Reduce Scars

Proteins are the building squares of your skin and walnut powder has it. Consequently, walnut powder helps in repairing wounds and diminishing scars faster and better.

  • Prevents Skin Damage

The potassium content in walnut prevents puffiness and droopy skin caused by unnecessary sodium intake. Say farewell to free skin with walnuts.

Brown Rice

In order to make the Owlpure Face and body scrub effective, brown rice has been added to it. The Starch present in the rice helps in treating various skin disorders. Read down to find out the uses and benefits of brown rice for the skin.

Benefits of Brown Rice

  • Fights Skin Problems

The brown rice starch appears to help eczema and skin damage.

  • Exfoliates the Skin

Brown rice protein is a good natural mechanical exfoliant. Exfoliation enables the normal shedding process of skin and makes skin smoother, even-conditioned, and clearer.

Skin Benefits of Salt

Salt is one of the ingredients in beauty products like face and body scrub. Salt is loaded down with minerals, including magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium, all of which assume a key part in our skin’s well-being, work, and cell correspondence. In Owlpure face and body scrub, salt is also one of the ingredients that increase its effectiveness on our skin.

Use of E Wax

The reason for using the emulsifying wax in the body and face scrub is that it helps in the proper mixing of the water content and oil content of the product. If the things get well to mix then they will have better effects and also, they will get stick to the skin.


How to use Owlpure Face & Body Scrub:

  • In order to use the Owlpure face and body scrub, first of all, wet and soften your body with warm water.
  • Ensure that water is not too hot.
  • Then, apply the scrub on your body with hands in circular motion.
  • Massage the skin for a few minutes and then let it sit till it gets dry
  • Then rinse off your body and dry it using a towel
  • After that apply your regular moisturizer.



Owlpure face & body scrub help in rejuvenating your skin. Today’s environment is full of pollution and it is not possible to cover your body and face for all the times. But due to the pollution, skin gets damage and if we do not take care of it properly it will get deteriorate with time and we may end up having unhealthy skin. For that sake, Owlpure face and body scrub are made which contains the superb ingredient that works wonder for the skin.

5 reviews for Natural Face & Body Scrub

  1. anvesh yallanki

    This is a great scrub,
    Skin feels clean & not dry so it mosturizes the skin as well which is great.

  2. Shivani

    Go for it without any second thought.

  3. Tejaswini

    This is the first facial scrub I started using, and it suits my oily skin quite well. For winters also, it doesn’t dry out my skin. Since I get pimples quite often, the scrub helps to remove the scaly skin of pimples and also removes blackheads to a certain extent. Overall, a reasonably priced and effective product.

  4. Swagata Jana

    Love the smell. It would work better as a body scrub, little bit coarse granules for thin sensitive skin of the face like mine.

  5. Amit kumar

    I’m a guy and found it to be a good product, exfoliates skin very well. Removes blackheads from nose and clean forehead. Although haven’t used any other before this so cannot compare with other similar products. Good thing is it doesn’t contain microbeads hence making it environment friendly.

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  • Keep the Owlpure face and body scrub in shade, avoid keeping it under the sun.
  • It is only for external use, so apply it as per instructions.
  • Keep it away from children.
  • Use warm water to wet your skin before applying the scrub.
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