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Experience the soothing and calming effect with the heavenly smelling 100 percent pure steam distilled lavender essential oil. The pure therapeutic grade essential oil, that reduces stress, anxiety, depression, Insomnia, and improves sleep.  With its powerful antioxidants, lavender oil naturally repairs and rejuvenates the dry chapped skin and also restores the complexion of the skin. Get an acne-free clear satin skin with the premium quality oil.

  • Highest grade oil with no synthetic or cheaper seed oils and nuts
  • Unaltered pure oil that is stored in the containers, which helps in avoiding the effect of UV heat.
  • No plastic or rubber droppers.
  • No added synthetic colorants, fillers, & fragrances.
  • No additives and preservatives.

The lavender essential oil is one of the most used essential oils in the world and is extracted by steam distillation of Lavandula Angustifolia which is usually referred to as lavender.

Steam distillation is a process where we place a large number of lavender plant materials in a huge container of water. We boil the container until steam is produced. It is the preferred process to extract lavender essential oil.

The lavender essential oil has some of the most important components such as a-pinene, 1,8-cineole, limonene, trans-ocimene, cis-ocimene, 3-octanone, Linalool, camphor, linalyl acetate, terpinen-4-ol, caryophyllene, and Lavendulyl acetate.


The lavender essential oil can take any color varying from pale yellow to yellow-green. High-quality lavender essential oil produces the scent which is sweet, slightly woody, floral and herbaceous.


Treats various Skin Disorders:

Wrinkles:  Wrinkles which are also known as rhytides are folds, creases or ridges that usually appear on the skin of the people as they get older. Wrinkles make people look older but everyone wants to look as younger as he or she can. Owlpure lavender essential oil helps to reduce wrinkles by revitalizing your skin.

How to Use:

Owlpure lavender oil can be applied topically on the wrinkles either directly or you can mix it with 3-5 drops of carrier oils such as jojoba carrier oil.


Oily skin: – Oily skin is caused due to the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands. Oily skin results in clogged pores due to which pimples can be formed when sebum mixes with the dead skin or clogged pores. Owlpure lavender essential oil has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which can help you to tone your oily skin.

How to Use:

  • Add a few drops of Owlpure lavender oil to your cream, apply it to your face.
  • You can also dilute it with tea tree oil and can apply the mixture of tea tree oil and Owlpure oil on your face.


Cuts and burns:  Lavender essential oil when used as either cream or lotion, it helps in relieving burns. Lavender oil has cicatrisant and cytophylactic properties which are used to heal skin faster and to reduce scars whereas anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of lavender oil help in treating burns.

How to Use:

  • You can either cover the burn area with undiluted with lavender oil for 3 times in a day which reduces the pain and diminishes scars.
  • The other way is to mix 10 drops of lavender oil and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with a 1/4th cup of shea butter and you can use it as a cream and apply on cuts or burns.


Sunburn: –Sunburn is the main reason why many of us fear to go to the beach or ground to play and have fun. Sunburns can occur in just 15 minutes affecting us with itching, nausea, peeling skin, rashes and fever. Owlpure Lavender essential oil has antiviral properties that help to cleanse and soothe the skin whereas its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can save skin from peeling sunburns.

How to Use:

  • To roll over affected area mix 5 drops of lavender oil with 5 drops of peppermint oil for soothing and apply over the affected area.
  • To use as a spray, add 5 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of peppermint oil to a half cup of water and spray over the affected area.


Hair and Scalp Problems:

Promotes hair growth:  Regardless of age and sex, Hair fall is the most common problem that many of us face in our day to day life. Hair loss leads to baldness which can be the psychologically devastating disease. The pure lavender oil such as Owlpure lavender essential oil when mixed with carrier oils like rosemary oil, it helps to improve alopecia areata and hair loss.

How to Use:

  • Dilute lavender oil with carrier oils such as rosemary oil or jojoba oil or coconut oil.
  • Now apply the diluted lavender essential oil on the scalp and gently massage.
  • Follow this procedure daily for the best result.


Dandruff:  The dry, itchy and flaky scalps lead to dandruff and it is generally referred to like the white stuff that comes out of the scalp. Dandruff has different causes but the common being a fungus which is known as Malassezia Globosa. The lavender essential oil has anti-fungal properties to control the fungus that cause dandruff.

How to Use:

  • Owlpure lavender essential oil helps you to soothe your scalp.
  • Dilute 8 drops of lavender essential oil with carrier oils such as jojoba oil, rosemary oil or extra virgin coconut oil.
  • Apply the mixture onto your scalp overnight.

Head lice:Head lice are one of the reasons for itchy scalp. Head lice are small insects and they lay eggs on your scalp which gets hatched once every 7 days. Lavender essential oils can be used to deal with head lice.

How to Use:

There are 3 ways in which you can use Owlpure lavender essential oil.

  • You can mix 5 to 8 drops of Owlpure lavender essential oil with water and then spray the mixture at hair roots 3 times in a day. Practice this procedure for 2 days and then comb your hair when it is wet. This will help you to detach the eggs from your scalp easily.
  • Add 5 to 8 drops of Owlpure lavender essential oil to your shampoo and use the same while having the head bath. This mixture can kill the adult head lice.
  • You can even apply Owlpure lavender essential directly. Apply 1 to 2 drops of Owlpure lavender essential oil to your fingertips and rub gently along your hair roots with your fingers.

Respiratory Disorders:

Cough:A cough is a common issue that many of us are facing and it can be due to either a change in weather conditions or asthma. The pure lavender essential oil such as Owlpure lavender oil soothe your throat, reduce inflammation and it clears away mucus.

How to Use:

Owlpure lavender essential oil can be used in 3 different ways

  • Diffuser: Diffuser helps us to inhale the vapor which is obtained by steaming Owlpure lavender essential oil with water.
  • Steam bath: Add 3 to 5 drops of Owlpure lavender essential oil to your hot water bucket and take the steam bath
  • Add 2 to 3 drops of Owlpure lavender essential oil to your handkerchief or tissue and inhale the same by placing it near your mouth and nose. This can be helpful even when you are outside.

Insomnia:  Owlpure Lavender essential is treated as a traditional medication to get the sound sleep. In the olden days, people used to put lavender flowers on their pillow in order to get the sound sleep and so you can use this lavender oil for the same. Furthermore, Lavender essential oil is very beneficial for people suffering from insomnia and restless leg syndrome. It helps in soothing the nervous system and makes you feel relaxed by inducing sound sleep.

How to Use:

  • Make your own sleeping spray with the combination of various ingredients. First of all, mix 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil with 1 teaspoon of witch hazel and a half cup of distilled water.
  • Put the mixture of all these ingredients in a spray bottle and drizzle it on clean skin or onto your pillow to have a sound sleep.

Headaches:  If you are suffering from migraine headaches, then you can use this Lavender essential oil to get treated in an effective way. You should use this Owlpure Lavender Essential Oil for massaging your head, neck, temples, and forehead to relieve tension and feel relaxed. This helps in treating the number of headaches like migraines, gastric headaches, sinus headaches, general, nervous, and tension headaches.

How to Use:

  1. Take lavender essential oil diluted with the carrier oil and inhale the mixture for about 15 minutes. This helps you to treat headaches and migraines in an effective way.

Wound Healing: Lavender essential oil is filled with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. However, with the topical application of this Owlpure Lavender essential oil, you can effectively treat wounds, cuts, and scrapes. Thus, the antimicrobial properties included in this Lavender essential oil protect the wounds from getting infected.

How to Use:

  • Mix some amount of lavender essential oil with olive oil or jojoba oil in a small container.
  • Now, you can apply the mixture of these oils on the wound to heal.


Owlpure Lavender Oil for hair is also used as aromatherapy oil, infusions, soaps, gels, aromatic beverages, etc. Lavender oil for skin is used for healing various health, skin, and hair-related problems if you use it in an instructed way. However, the Owlpure Lavender Oil for hair also helps you to get relaxed and is equipped with various health-related benefits.

5 reviews for Lavender Essential Oil

  1. Amyra

    It smells amazing. I tried a few drops of it on my pillow and could smell it the next morning. That’s how long lasting it is. It’s a pure lavender essential oil which has a floral and woody fragrance and works wonders for your skin and hair.

  2. Asmitha

    Its really soothing. Best when diffused with carrier oil or a diffuser. Lavender is probably best among the essential category. I use it before bed and is effective as well. Product is excellent for the price.

  3. Krishna Sheth

    Lavender Essential Oil Rejuvenates and energizes your mind and body by just adding few drops to bath water or candle. I even added 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil to any Carrier oil and massaging the scalp with diluted lavender oil will eliminated dandruff. Rub a drop of lavender oil on your pillow and it helps in peaceful and relaxed sleep.

  4. Rajesh Gulhane

    The product is good and the aroma is perfect. The consistency of the liquid is similar to water and flows very quickly. The aroma is very strong when you smell is directly from the bottle. Some people might dislike it. It’s real pleasant aroma can be smelt when a few drops are put on the bed or pillow.

  5. Vijay Patel

    I am using this lavender essential oil for quit a long time now. I manly use it in my diffuser and I am loving the fragnence of this. It is very soothing and calming. Before I going to bed I pour 3 to 4 drops of this essential oil to diffuser and turn it on. It will make my room smell heavenly. And give me good night sleep. Also now I am obsessed with it

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  • As Lavender essential oil is more concentric, you should take some precautions while using it. As it is more concentrated oil, it is advised to keep it away from the reach of children.
  • Pregnancy ladies and breastfeeding women should avoid using it as it is very concentric and might lead to harmful situations.
  • You should avoid it using this medication during or after surgery and make sure that you will not use this lavender oil before 2 weeks of your scheduled surgery.
  • You are not supposed to use this as an internal medication and it is used for external use only.
  • It is important to go for a patch check before you apply it on your skin. As people with sensitive skin may suffer from allergic reactions, so such people should avoid using it.
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