10 Essential oils for Winter Wellness

10 Essential oils for Winter Wellness

Winter season has nearly knocked the door!! All the seasons bring something good as well as bad with them.  Change in the season affects mainly our health. Our body needs some time to adapt to a particular environment. We see that with the arrival of the new season, we get attacked by allergies and infections. But it is impossible to escape them. In the winter season, people are more prone towards problems like common cold, cough, flaky skin, even dandruff due to dryness.

To fight these common problems, we have multi-purpose essential oils with us. Essentials oils are the concentrated form of natural oils. We can’t apply them directly on the  skin, a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil is needed to use them. Let us know what are the essential oils that we can use for winter wellness.

List Of essential oils for winter wellness

  1. Lemongrass Essential oil
  2. Frankincense essential oil
  3. Onguard Essential oil
  4. Wild orange essential oil
  5. Lavender Essential oil
  6. Peppermint essential oil
  7. Oregano Essential oil
  8. Eucalyptus essential oil
  9. Grapefruit essential oil
  10. Lemon Essential oil

These essential oils can be used as an inhaler or can be topically applied by mixing with a carrier oil. You can use Owlpure lavender essential oil to fight the problem of insomnia. Peppermint essential oil can be used for cold and cough issues. Apply it topically on the chest and neck to get relief from the irritation due to cold and cough and it also boosts our immune system.

Grapefruit essential oil keeps the kidneys and lymphatic system healthy.  Eucalyptus is anti-inflammatory and germ destroyer in nature. You can add its drops in the bathing water. You can consume it by adding 2-3 drops in your morning tea. Lemon essential oil is a multi-tasker, it promotes health and healing due to its natural cleanser and purifying properties.

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