10 Essential Oils for Knee Pain and Swelling

10 Essential Oils for Knee Pain and Swelling

Most of the people who are aged are suffering from the common problem called joint or knee pain. In order to reduce knee pain and swelling, people intake various drugs and medications. However, some drugs might provide you relief from the pain only for the temporary periods and later, the pain again starts increasing.

So, it’s always better to use organic medicines which takes much time to cure but lasts longer. In addition to this, massaging the affected area i.e. the knee joints may provide you enough relief by improving the circulation of the blood.

However, the common symptoms and the causes of the knee pain and swelling are old age, cold weather, injury to the knee, fractures, knee pain due to lack of movement, referred knee pain, arthritis, running long distances, sprains and strains, dislocations, and induced knee pain due to cold weather.

As far as knee pain is concerned, cooling oils are used in order to reduce the pain. If you find any swelling at the knee joints or the muscle joints, you can make use of the warming oil in order to heal the affected area.

Some of the essential oils that help in reducing knee pain and swelling are:

  • Wintergreen essential oil
  • Ginger essential oil
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Thyme essential oil
  • Marjoram essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Vetiver essential oil
  • Clove essential oil
  • Black pepper essential oil

You can mix some of these oils with the carrier oils in the appropriate amount and try to massage gently on the affected area. It gives you enough relief and also helps in the normal circulation of the blood.

In order to gain the best results, you can use the Owlpure essential oils which are made in the purest form.

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